Dr. Jason Dinglasan is my dentist and he is awesome. He is so light with his hands, efficient and gets the job done. I don\'t mind going to the dentist anymore


“Dr. Keith is the best. He spent his lunch fixing my son’s teeth after he had an accident at school. After, Dr. Keith even went over all the possible things to look out for and he even called later that evening to make sure everything was alright. My son and his teeth are doing fine. Thanks Dr. Keith!”
- Renee W.

“A big thank you to everyone at Maple Meadows Dental! I have been a dental phobic for years and finally have found an office that takes the time to alleviate my fears and anxieties. When I come in I always feel welcome and safe.”
- Cindy W.

“Dr. Jason Dinglasan is my dentist and he is awesome. He is so light with his hands, efficient and gets the job done. I don’t mind going to the dentist anymore.”
- Valerie R.

“I have always feared going to the dentist because of traumatic experiences growing up with our familiy dentist. Now that i have Dr. Jason Dinglasan as my dentist, i no longer fear having my teeth checked regularly. His hands are so light; he is thorough and he does not rush!”
- Marianne R.

“I had been with my old dentist for a few years but he always scared me into thinking my teeth were falling out. I went to Dinglasan Dental for a second opinion and haven’t looked back. The staff were very courteous and professional. Dr. Dinglasan took the time to explain how my teeth were and any work that needed to be done. After a routine cleaning and filling replacement, my teeth sensitivity is gone and I will definitely be a returning happy customer”
- Edward V.

“Dr. Keith Dinglasan has been my dentist for seven years because he always takes the time to see how I’m doing and genuinely cares for his patients. He now sees my kids and spent quite some time with my wife and myself, teaching us how to properly clean their teeth. I recommend him to everyone who wants good quality dentistry from a truly caring dentist.”
- Vivian Y.

“I’ve been going to Maple Meadows Dental for three years now and have always been impressed by the whole staff. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and at home. They are truly professionals who care about their patients.”
- Ken L.

“I was referred to Maple Meadows Dental from a friend after my previous dentist moved away and I am impressed. At my initial visit, Dr. Dinglasan took quite some time to explain everything that was going on in my mouth. I had many questions and he took the time to answer every one of them, gave me numerous options and explained the pros and cons for each one. I definitely feel comfortable with this office.”
-Nick L.

“I drive two and a half hours from Squamish to see Dr. Keith Dinglasan because he is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I’ve been to many dentists and the good ones are hard to find so it’s worth the travel!”
- Robin S.

“Dr. Dinglasan is the best! He took out my wisdom teeth and I didn’t even feel a thing. I was pretty scared at first but after the procedure was done I don’t know why I was so worried. His injections didn’t hurt and after I felt fine. Dr. Dinglasan even called me later that day to check up on me. Great guy!”
- Kristin L.

“As a patient with a negative history with some Dentists, I sat in the chair of Dr. Keith Dinglasan with trepidation. Very shortly this young, talented and thoughtful dentist had my utmost confidence. With procedures ranging from regular check-ups to a root canal, I have had only positive experiences with Dr. Dinglasan. Yes, even my root canal was a painless procedure as Dr. Dinglasan gave me clear instructions prior to coming in and then took great care with me throughout the appointment. He has a seriously causal and playful demeanor which relaxes the patient, and is thorough and professional in his execution of dental care. Dr. Dinglasan has moved from our community so I now travel round trip 4 hours, to have my dental health taken care of by Dr. Dinglasan. He is well worth the trip.”
- Margo D.

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